About Eugene Gurganus

Owner and founder of Sun Coast Homes and Development

Eugene Gurganus, owner and founder of Sun Coast Homes and Development is a full-service custom home builder dedicated to building and improving residential and commercial structures according to client needs and desires.

Eugene began building houses along the Crystal Coast from the ground up with his dad at just 9 years old. That rare experience that allowed him to see what others may miss is just one of the many things that set Sun Coast apart. What started as a curiosity has grown into a passion for delivering a customized product at an excellent value.

"A home is much more than a house. It's your place of refuge. You need to love your home," says Eugene. "Creativity, craftsmanship, and a critical eye for perfection bring a uniquely customized home from a conversation to paper, and then out of the ground."

What sets our homes apart is not only how we're able to personalize and price the home to fit the client, but also the extreme attention to detail in the construction of the actual structure. These have been just some of the things that have given Eugene the impeccable reputation he has that his humble nature wouldn't tell you.

"I enjoy engaging my clients in the discovery of their wants and needs because each family has their own individual story that continues in the home they create. I know what questions to ask and from those conversations, I draw their plan for them to tweak as they desire."

Sun Coast Homes & Development has completed over a thousand homes for satisfied homeowners and many have returned as repeat clients. His enviable reputation for quality, responsiveness, service, and a congenial personality has been built over the decades one referral and one beautiful home at a time.

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For inquiries or to schedule an appointment with the builder, please call: (252)764-0024, send a text to Eugene at 252-241-1510 or fill out the following form.