Why Sun Coast? What Makes Us Different: Part 7

The Final Countdown!

Welcome back to our series titled: Why SunCoast? What makes us different




Trades where you need a license to practice often bring another level of professionalism. These ladies and gents often have a much more caring attitude when it comes to their finished work. That is not to say that carpenters don’t because they most definitely do. What I’m saying is these trades, generally speaking, are not fly-by-night businesses. They put down roots in a community and stay to serve for a long time. Their reputation precedes them in a good or bad way. Because our reputation matters to us, we use those who also matter to them. 


Eugene and our project managers know everything that needs to be done in this area, especially plumbing because SunCoast holds a plumbing license, but we also make sure we let the experts do what they do best. They are phenomenal at finding ways to solve problems and come up with all sorts of creative solutions.




Insulation is not something we typically have any issues with. Drywall on the other hand can make the finished product look wonderful or tragic! We, like other builders, have struggled in this area to find as close to perfection as possible. We harp on this pretty hard and still have to have the guys and girls come back to fix things…It is an art that seems to have little science involved. 




Finishes are what make your house “your house.” You’ve already gotten through the majority of the exterior finishes by now so you are starting to see some personality come through.


We have preferred vendors that we work with for all of your interior finishes. Those include:

  • Plumbing fixtures

  • Lighting fixtures

  • Cabinets

  • Countertops

  • Tile (showers, floors, backsplashes)

  • Flooring 

  • Cabinet and door hardware

  • Appliances 


So how does the process work when you build with SunCoast? We have a list of preferred vendors with all of their contact info in your CoConstruct file. Along with that, you will find your house plan, lighting plan, cabinet plan, and allowances for all of your items. Our vendors have access to those as well to make helping you much easier. With those in hand, you can discuss what you would like with each one, get quotes and timeframes so you can decide how you would like to proceed. With COVID delays sometimes our vendors don’t know what the future holds and will give updates as the time gets closer to needing those items.


All of our vendors work directly with you because, again, they are the experts in their fields. We have decided, after some trial and error, that we weren’t the best people for the job of getting you the best products for each area. It has proven to be a great move to send you to those wonderful people who can answer all of your hard questions and steer you in the direction that will most serve your needs.


If you have any overages you will pay your vendor directly as we do not mark anything up. Once those items are paid for, they will order them, store them, deliver them, replace any items that are not up to par, and bill us directly. They are pretty amazing  


When it comes to painting, this is super easy! You can list your paint colors and locations in your CoConstruct file that our painters can access. They will then pick up the paint and get to work. You can also do this with any stain that may be needed. PRO TIP: As trends have changed to folks loving the bright white look, we have gotten feedback from our painters to direct our clients to choose a white that isn’t a bright or pure white because of its lack of coverage capabilities. Pick any other white!


Other than allowing experts to do what they do best, Sun Coast also tries to finish your house without needing to come back for punch list items. Yes! You read that correctly! That is our goal! We understand you’d like to move into your home and not have a ton of people traipsing in and out so we try VERY hard to have all of those little things finished that may cause us to come back before you even move in!  


How that process works is we get our final building inspection (not a CO). We then walk through with the homeowner for them to give us their punch list. We take an additional 10 days to complete those items. We then ask for the CO that is submitted to your lender if you are using one. Once final payment is made to the builder and all overages have been paid in full, you are free to move into your beautiful home!